Top Tips For Yoga Beginners

1. Locate a Reputable Yoga Instructor
Learning yoga, with all of its intricate and nuanced physical and mental aspects, from an experienced, qualified teacher is more easier and more enjoyable. There are numerous free videos and applications available on YouTube that will walk you through the introductory positions.

2 Be mindful of your body’s own wisdom and limitations.
Don’t force yourself to do anything that feels risky or inappropriate for you. This is the practice of non-harm, or ‘Ahimsa,’ which is necessary to the skilled and useful practice of yoga. Be aware of any contraindications that apply to your personal situation: for example, some poses should not be practiced during early pregnancy, with certain injuries, or during menstruation, whilst others may be extremely beneficial.

3 Take a deep breath
Yoga is all about creating a better, deeper harmony between our body and mind, and breathing is an important part of it. Relax and breathe into your entire body as you move through the poses. In yoga, there is a lot to learn about proper breathing.

4 Do Not Contrast Yourself to Others
Look inward to your own development; there will always be those with more experience than you. Yoga is popular, yet it is not a spectator sport or a competition. Appreciate your own practice’s gradual growth; the best part is on the inside, in the healing awareness and oneness of your own body, mind, and soul.

6 Possess a Sense of Humor
Yoga is a peaceful, focused exercise, but we shouldn’t take it too seriously. As we try to maneuver ourselves into new poses, we may feel ungainly and stiff as a board. Humility, an inward grin, and a little tenderness can keep us from pushing ourselves too far and injuring ourselves.

7 Yoga, Eating, and Drinking
It is best not to eat for one or two hours before yoga practice, and to drink just tiny amounts of water before and during practice. Before yoga, avoid alcohol, sweets, and caffeine.

8 Dress in Loose, Comfortable Clothes (That Stays On)
You will be stretching your body in all directions, so avoid wearing anything that will dig in or impede your movement. You’re going to bend your body over and turn upside down at some point, so wearing stretch fit clothes saves you from wiggling around or revealing more than you want to.

9 Make Practice a Habit
Little and frequently is more helpful than long, infrequent bouts of yoga. Even 15 minutes a day of a few well-chosen poses can have a significant impact on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. A consistent practice will provide more benefits because the body will become more comfortable and familiar with the practice, gradually becoming more flexible and gently conscious of the feelings, rather than ‘starting from cold’ every now and again.

10 Postures to Change for Your Body
The exact stance we see in a book or observe a teacher execute may be far from what our own bodies are capable of right now. A skilled yoga teacher will show you how to carefully ease your own body into the perfect posture, possibly with the use of yoga props such as extra blocks, bolsters, a belt, and so on, drawing attention to the principle of the inner stretch or energy direction that the pose is seeking to create in us.

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